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He's Hot, He's Rich, and He's a Hero!

Our Interview with Alexander Bayard of the Vanguard

He’s Hot, He’s Rich, and He’s a Hero!

Our Interview with Alexander Bayard of the Vanguard

So what do you get when you combine good looks, money, and the ability to fly? You get hottie Alexander Bayard. The spokesman for the superhero team of the Vanguard agreed to speak with us and boy, are we happy! We were lucky enough to catch some time with him to ask him your questions.

Teen Tiger Beat: So Alexander, before we get to the serious questions, our readers will have to know: do you have a girlfriend?

Alexander smiles though he was clearly a bit put off, “Well, I’m not engaged or anything, but yes I do. Though you will forgive me if I don’t bring her into the conversation. I don’t think she would be too happy with me if I just blurted out her name.” Alexander laughed, “So let’s just skip that and just leave it at I am not looking for anyone else, but I am not ready to settle down.”

Teen Tiger Beat: I can speak for our readers with a big Oh no! But to be serious, let’s ask some questions the readers sent in. When did you know you had Powers and what responsibility do you feel you have to use them for good?

Alexander: "It started one day at football practice. Suddenly I was moving faster, or everyone else was moving slower, it was a really odd thing. Even at the time I didn’t realize it was something extraordinary.

“But later that day I was in a coffee shop when some thugs came in and tried to rob the place. One thing happened, I don’t know what, and the thugs were shooting. One of the shot me and it didn’t even hurt! After that I just did what was right and took their guns away, hitting them with my fist and knocking them unconscious.

“After that I just wanted to help. A friend suggested costumes and that was when paragon was created.”

Teen Tiger: Wow! That’s amazing. Handsome and fearless. No questions as to why you made our cover. But that leads me to my next question…how did you decide on the costume?

Alexander: Actually the same friend that suggested costumes, Artisan, came up with the color choices. I liked the silver and white. Felt it was faster looking somehow. And since I was going for speed and quickness…

Teen Tiger: So why come out of the proverbial masked hero closet? You’ve got the money to buy your privacy. Is it not inconvenient to be so well known? How hard has it been at the University?

Alexander: When I discovered I had the powers I have, I talked it over with my parents. I wanted to make a difference and my parents suggested, or agreed with me, I don’t remember which, that being in the public eye would make me a good role-model. And I do want to do that. I think masks get in the way of giving a good impression.

Teen Tiger: And hide that rock star face. Readers want to know; is there any heat between you and the girls of Vanguard? And how does your girlfriend feel? I mean, for you and Quotient, its a good ratio. How does she handle having a boyfriend who is saving the world and with such beautiful girls?

Alexander: (Laughing) You know Quotient and I were mentioning that in private just the other day. We both just shrugged. Speaking for myself, while Traveler, Siren, and Artisan are all beautiful strong-willed women, they are way out of my league. They are my friends and I would do about anything for them if they needed. But romantically? No… They’re my sisters in our family. I couldn’t even imagine dating one of them. And my lady understands that — she’s seen me interact with them. She knows she has nothing to worry about.

“And just between you and me, and your readers of course, I’m just lucky they put up with me at all. I can be quite the pain in the butt sometimes.”

Tiger Teen: Ok, now something lighter, Alexander … what underwear brand do you prefer?

Alexander laughs: Wow. You know that’s one of those question that is always talked about being asked but never is. I wear boxers.

Teen Tiger: Well that’s it girls… fantasy is complete. Alexander is your average, rich, boxer-wearing college stud saving the world, one alien monolith at a time. One last question before we tie this up: Now that disaster has been averted, what are your future plans?
Alexander: I hope things go back to much as they were before, but I know that won’t happen. For the better I think. For better or for worse, humankind knows we aren’t alone in the universe. There are other intelligences, other possibilities. The future is wide open and exciting. Its a grand time to be alive.


Malificent KimberlyEaton

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