Allison Markum a.k.a Madam X

Woman with the power to cause incredible, disabling pleasure


STR 0, STA 2, AGL 3, DEX 3, FGT 5, INT 3, AWE 3, PRE 5
Powers: Affliction 10 (Entranced (Euphoria), , Immobile (Ecstasy), Incapacitated(Overload)), AP Affliction 10 Perception Area, Concentration; Mind Reading 10 (emotions only/effortless)
Advantages: Attractive 2 (5), Daze, Fascinate, Defensive Roll +4, Wealth 2, Connected, Contacts 2, Wealth 2, Well Informed
Skills: Acrobatics 5 (
8), Athletics 5 (5), Deception 5 (10), Expertise Law 4(7), Expertise: Sex 5 (8), Insight 7 (10), Intimidation 10 (15), Perception 5 (8), Persuasion 8 (13)
Offense: Init +3, Unarmed +5
Defense: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fort 5, Tou 6, Will 6.


Allison Markum, was a successful prostitute and dominatrix working Nevada. She is wealthy, witty and beautiful. She was popular and ¬†powerful in her own way. Her power turned out to be strangely appropriate to her station. She discovered it while working with a client. She willed to feel pleasure. She ramped up the power until he was left in a catatonic state. She was able to avoid prosecution (she knows people). With a little practice, she was able to learn greater control. She didn’t really see herself as a super hero, but when the call was made, she decided it was her civic duty to help, if she can.¬†

Allison Markum a.k.a Madam X

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