Alonzo Barkley

Former biology professor, villain (?) known as Mint Condition


Dr. Alonzo Barkley was always a bit obsessive but he managed to keep it under control, channeling it to various collections. To keep himself from getting out of control, he would make sure to only allow himself to collect something for less than a year, before selling the collection and moving on to something else.

All that changed after powers began to show up. He lived a good commute away from Denver, where he worked. And he stopped showing up to work, hiding out in his cabin and communing with a new voice that he heard in his head. It was confusing and hard to follow, but he eventually figured out it was God speaking to him and God wanted him to collect one of everything in preparation for the upcoming Apocalypse. The Survivors would need one of everything and he had a short time to do it, maybe six months. But that was why God chose him, because Alonzo was perfectly suited for the task.

And so, Mint Condition was born, going on a spree of using his powers to make plants, animals, objects and people into inanimate collectors objects, which he stored in his cabin until he was stopped by the Vanguard in issue 14. He is now residing in Sand Creek Mental Asylum.

Alonzo Barkley

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