Caleb Henderson

Former roommate of Brian Cossel; the Power known as Mansquito


Caleb Henderson was roommates with Brian Cossel, former Protector of Alamy Falls. Caleb works at Sometimes Environmental Industries as a robotics specialist in their Riverside factory.

Caleb was also secretly in love with Brian. With Brian’s death, grief-stricken Caleb decided that he would get revenge on the Avenging Angel by finding a way to get powers. He managed to track down Virginia Briggs, who demonstrated what she can do and convinced him to undergo a ritual to gain powers. It worked and he did develop powers, although perhaps not what he thought he was going to get, as she gives him the ability to change into a giant mosquito swarm.

He flew around the downtown area calling for the Avenging Angel and even attacking a citizen hoping to draw his attention. He was eventually talked down by the Vanguard in their first public appearance, with the media dubbing him Mansquito.

But everytime he uses the ability, she gains more of his lifeforce and before long, he’ll be unable to maintain enough willpower to maintain the swarm, causing it to dissipate to the winds.

Caleb Henderson

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