Clare Berkhart

Dance student; Chesire, super thief


Clare knows little to nothing about where she comes from; her earliest memories are of the street: Surviving, hiding, finding the necessities that she need to get by and survive. However, somewhere along the way she discovered that she had a real gift for liberating valuables from those that didn’t need them. And then when she was 16, she made the big score: an identity thief mastermind’s home. She stole several identities, money to keep her safe and supplied with what she thought she would need, and a way to get off the streets. The next few months, Clare set up her new identity and wound up with a life she thought she could love: Clare Berkhart, a dance student with phenomenal skill.

The next two years were perfect, except that Clare grew bored. Once again she took to the life of theft, but this time it was to steal from those who stole from others. To take back what they had taken from people like her or less fortunate than her.

Clare is a dark haired woman, with fair clear skin. Most would call her beautiful and while she likes the attention, she doesn’t like to be recognizable. So while on stage, or performing, Clare dresses to impress: she emphasizes her black hair, deep blue eyes, and lithe figure. But off camera, on the street or in classes, she prefers sweats, shirts too big for her, her hair is a tight bun, glasses, the whole “I’m a mousy librarian” image.

Clare Berkhart

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