Denise Waverly McCloud

Artist. Dreamer. Avid Reader. First Year College Student. Has NO CLUE as to what's hit her.


Name: Denise Waverly McCloud
Age: 18
Hair/Eyes: dk brown/brown
Skin: Asian/Anglo
Build: pretty skinny but stronger than she looks
Height: 5"-6"
Weight: 120 (like I said, skinny)

Likes wearing boots, tees and cargos (for the pocket capacity) and generally goes for the hobo look, which drives her mother crazy. (Which is partially why Denny does it.) She tends to dark colors because it’s another teen-rebellion thing but they also hide the dirt well. Always has something to write with and draw on somewhere on her person. Oh, and a camera, cus she’s an image junkie. And her tablet, which is powerful enough to run programs like Photoshop and Painter and Poser. Her cellphone is a little outdated by most standards cuz all she does is call people on it, but with her tablet, she doesn’t need it to be too smart. All that art and electronic gear is either in a messenger bag or a day pack slung on her back. At any given time, she’ll likely be in her cargoes and boots, with her nose to her tablet or in a book or a sketchbook, wearing one of her collection of favorite hats. Whatever she wears, she tries always to embellish with paint or beads or embroidery or “flair”—nothing too outrageous or blingsome—or alters with needle and thread to suit her. Nipping in stuff mostly—did I forget to mention she’s a bit on the thin side?


Denise (Denny, Cloudy, DW or D to her friends) Waverly McCloud is the daughter of a Chinese mother and an American father. Mom is from Hong Kong. Dad is from Philadelphia. As typical of most teens, Denny hasn’t a clear picture of what her dad does for the paycheck but she sure knows what her mother does—which is pretty much running Denny’s life for her.

Denny’s mother is the stereotypical Asian mom who stresses excellence in education. Denny is currently enrolled at UCAF in Engineering and since her parents are footing the bill, she’s dutifully going through the courses. But she’s absolutely miserable: she’s an artist and engineering is about as diametrically opposed as you can get to her true talents. Well, except maybe if you could somehow make it architecture, which Denny is willing to do if she can just get enough credits to transfer into the Design program at UCAF. But Architecture is just a high-income professional major to appease her mother when she gets enough credits to transfer. Because despite her mother’s efforts in managing her school career, what Denny really wants to do is graphic arts: commercial art design, illustration, graphic novels, the works.

Denny has always drawn and scribbled and sculpted and painted. She’s smart, an avid reader, and except for math where she’s a middle C/low B student (save for one glorious year in Geometry, which she aced with her eyes closed. SRSLY.), she’s a bright student who regularly brings home the As. For the most part school was pretty much a cakewalk, which left her all the more time for reading avidly and drawing about it.

Of course, college is a whole different ballgame and currently Denny’s got maybe a 2.5 GPA at UCAF. and she’s scared to death her mom will find out. That damned first year calc class is creamin’ her butt and she’s pretty much flunking it. Still, she’s determined to pass it and squeak by with a C.

Please God, a C. Pretty please.

Denny lives at home—because her mom says dorm life is too disruptive to serious study and it costs more—and she commutes to UCAF daily. Luckily for her, her first class (that damned calc class!) is at 11AM MTWHF and leaves her time in the mornings to visit Cozy Coffee which is on the way.


Monday Morning Grind – 05 Apr 2027 – (Denny/Miriam)
Moonlight Discovery – 10 Apr 2027 – (Denny McCloud)
A Confidence and A Confession – 10 Apr 2027 – (Denny/Miriam)
Sneaking into The Gutter – 16 Apr 2027 – (Denny/Rick McGee)

Volume One

Issue 1: And So It Begins…

Mapping the Shape of Things Already Come – 06 May 2027 – (Denny/Everyone)

Issue 2: The Search For Tyler

A Close Call – 06 May 2027 – (Denny McCloud/Helene McCloud)
Going Home Crazy, Waking Up Sane – 06 May 2027 -(Denny McCloud/Helene and Phillip McCloud)

Issue 4: Heroes Revealed

An Outing with Mom and Dad – 15 May 2027 – (Denny McCloud/Helene and Phillip McCloud)
Moving In, Moving Forward – 20 May 2027 – (Denny McCloud/Jason Duncan)
Meeting of Minds – 22 May 2027 – (Denny/Everyone)

Issue 6: Looking for Help

Besmirched – 02 Jun 2027 – (Denny McCloud)

Issue 7: Wild Night

Breaching the Walls – 31 May 2027 – (Denny/Miriam)
Digging Deep – 02 Jun 2027 – (Denny/Jason)
Fabrications – 04 Jun 2027 – (Denny/Jason/A new client)

Issue 11: Everyone Loves Alexander

Get Well Soon – 22 Jun 2027 – (Denny/Miriam/Cassie)

Issue 12: Date Night

Cake and Conversation – 01 Jul 2027 – (Denny/Cassie)

Issue 14: Near Mint Just Won’t Do

Movie Night – 10 Jul 2027 – (Denny/Drew)

Issue 15: The Death of a Hero

Mondays Suck – 12 Jul 2027 – (Denny/Deirdre/Joan)
Second Thoughts – 13 Jul 2027 (Denny McCloud)

Issue 16: TBD
Issue 17: TBD

New Ground – 07 Aug 2027 (Denny/Jason)

Volume Two

Issue 1:
Issue 2:

Date Interrupted – 04 Nov 2027 (Denny/Drew)

Volume Three

Pulling Out The Stops – 02 Dec 2027 (Denny/Drew)

Denny’s Digital Sketchbook (pages from her tablet)

*Denny’s Digital Sketchbook

Denny’s Apartment over the Cozy Coffee

*Denny’s Apartment

Denise Waverly McCloud

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