Derek Sometimes

CEO and founder of Sometimes Environmental Industries (SEI).


Derek Sometimes graduated from the University of Illinois in 2004. Unsatisfied with his career in the banking world, Derek went to Duke in 2010 to get an MBA with a focus in social entrepreneurship.

Derek Sometimes founded his business on the principle that companies had a duty to be better than just staring at the bottom line. Their duties to their shareholders was not just financial, but also moral and ethical. When Derek founded Sometimes Environmental Industries (SEI), he did it with the idea of selling environmental solutions to companies to help make the world a better place. Alamy Falls was really gaining steam as an environmentally friendly city by the time he graduated in 2012 and he moved there to found his company. He has had dramatic success and is one of the faces representing the neo-green movement of the 2020s.

When the Baxter Building was constructed in 2017, SEI was one of the first residents and his office is one of the primary spaces on the 32nd floor, which his company rents.

Physical Appearance

Derek is unassuming, dressing in business casual for everyday work, only dressing up when necessary for more formal board meetings. He’s losing his hair but he is still clinging to the last vestiges.

Psychological Profile

Derek Sometimes is almost supernaturally calm. His employees would say that they have never seen him shaken by anything. That ability to remain steady makes him a solid, if uncharismatic leader. He would describe himself as boring, not looking to take big risks in his personal life. He’s personable and approachable and feels more like an everyday guy than the owner of a multi-million dollar environmental company.

Derek Sometimes

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