Detective-Sergeant Kathrine Budge

Police detective assigned some of the more odd cases, mainly due to her newness to Alamy Falls


Detective-Sergeant Kathrine Budge is a newcomer to Alamy Falls. She comes from Orleans, the city that is attempting to take the place of New Orleans after the double hurricanes of 2019. She is in her mid-30s, has not made many friends yet in Almay Falls, and is untangled by romantic relationships.

Kathrine Budge is an attractive black woman, serious in her pursuits of justice, but passionate enough to look behind the facts of any given case before applying the strictness of the law. This irritates her partner, Detective-Sergeant Max Lange, yet even he can admit that her passion, honesty, and sense of “do what’s right not what’s expedient” has a place in the police force..

Detective-Sergeant Kathrine Budge

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