Detective-Sergeant Max Lange

A police detective who has been there, seen that way too many times.


played by Kevin Chapman


Detective-Sergeant Max Lange is your iconic hard-boiled policeman. He has gone pretty much anything associated with police work. Now he is a Detective Sergeant in Alamy Falls. And with the spate of oddness, superpowers if you will, he has definitely seen it all. He is trying to keep an open mind about “powers” but if you pressed him, he would say that its some sort of max hypnotic trick, special effects, or something else that just hasn’t been figured out again. This quality has put him at the top of the super squad lieutenant list. he really doesn’t want that job, along with all the paperwork that comes along with it. But he is enough of a realist that if he (who doesn’t believe that superpowers are a fact) doesn’t get the job, someone worse might get the job.

Max is twice divorced and has a 11 year old son from his first marriage.

Max’s partner is Kathrine Budge, a newcomer to Alamy Falls, coming from Orleans in Louisiana.

Detective-Sergeant Max Lange

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