Douglas Walker

Martial artist and owner of Walker Aikikai


Douglas Walker is tall, handsome, smart, trained in martial arts, owns his own business, and goes to see his elderly grandmother every other Sunday. To top it off, he’s charming and genuinely a nice guy. In other words, he’s that guy, the one men want to hate but really can’t and the one that almost every woman with a pulse is attracted to.

Doug owns his own dojo, the Walker Aikikai, where he teaches most all of the classes himself. He has 3 truly dedicated students who assist. He emphasizes the Takemusu style of Aikido, which is focused on the original teachings of Aikido as a harmonious and spiritual martial art. He offers a wide variety of classes, willing to teach to those who are interested in it as a dedication but also to casual practitioners, who use the classes almost more as meditation than a defensive martial art. He teaches several classes to younger kids.

Due to a receding hairline, he shaves his head completely, which of course makes him look like a badass. He’s muscular and has the sense of a big cat about him, like he’s always ready to pounce. He’s confident and self-assured, without being arrogant. Charming and polite and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. If this guy has flaws, he does a really good job of hiding them.

Douglas Walker

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