Gretchen and Lee Wilkerson

Members of the Tag Team known as Split Personality and Lightwave


Sister and brother, Gretchen and Lee had discovered they had powers soon after the worldwide reveal, but were keeping them secret, for the most part. Lee, with his ability to bend and shape light gave some thought to how he might be able to use the ability to make money. Gretchen, on the other hand, used hers to make her life easier. One personality went to class, one went out with her boyfriend, one did her chores, and so on. And when they merged, they all had the overlaid experiences of the other.

Maxwell Roth stumbled onto them when he stopped for lunch as he was travelling through a small English town. He caught Gretchen merging with one of her doubles behind the restaurant she was waitressing at. He convinced her that she was going to get caught sooner rather than later and that she ought to come with him and make some money out of the deal. When she revealed her brother and his power, Maxwell realized that he had the perfect setup for behind the scenes filming of his powers reality show. Gretchen could make multiple copies of herself (and as it turns out, her brother) and run the cameras. Lee could make them invisible while still allowing the cameras to film .

When enticed with the idea of a large amount of cash, they agreed to work for Maxwell, taking on the names Lightwave and Split Personality.

Gretchen and Lee Wilkerson

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