Helene Chiang McCloud

Asian Geomancer and Astrologist. Wife. Mother. Born in the year of the Fire Snake. (1977)


Name: Helene Chiang McCloud
Age: 50
Hair/Eyes: dk brown/ dk brown
Skin: Asian
Build: Slim and lithe, quick like the snake of her astrological year
Height: 5"-9"
Weight: 140

Helene Chiang McCloud is a classy lady. Following the qualities of those born in a Snake year, she emphasises elegance and good taste in fashion and is always turned out well. She tends toward an Asian aspect in her professional clothing, which fits in well with her astrolgoy and geomancy consultation business. It’s by private appointment only and therefore she has more leeway in her ‘office attire’ than most. It’s rare for her to step out of the house or receive visitors/clients without the minimum of a touch of lipstick or her hair neatly coifffed, though in her off-hours, she relaxes dress and make-up a little. Her jewelry tends toward the Asian: 24 k gold and jade of various colors, some with faceted gems of very good or better quality. She maintains an unflappable mien on the clock, exuding confidence and authority without arrogance or impatience, and spiced with a bit of Oriental mystery. In her line of work, listening and close observation is important and her manner is geared to optimize both.

At home, she runs a tight ship, but so harmoniously one would rarely notice the control she has over everyone in it. Of late, however, friction between her and her daughter has caused some disturbing ripples in the chi of the household, stemming from Helene’s offering up her daughter’s artwork to the spirits by burning them. Or so Denny understood it. In actuality, Helene has saved the artwork in a safe deposit box in one of Alamy Fall’s banks and showed her daughter ashes from a stack of newspaper and junk mail instead, as a ploy to get her daughter’s head on straight. Helene is not above using sneaky tactics toward a good cause.

As a wife and mother, she takes her duties seriously, devoting much effort and emotion to both. She strives in all things to achieve a harmonious balance between home and work, business and pleasure, inner life and outside world. In times of stress she turns to cooking Chinese dishes from her years in Hong Kong (where she once did a stint in the kitchen of a well-heeled restaurant) and gardening. Her output in both is extensive and executed with great skill and control. She’s famous amongst her circles for her gourmet food and her ikebana.

She is much in demand in certain circles—fortunes and horoscopes cast at births, important life events and Asian holidays make up a good portion of her private contracts, and for her corporate contracts, her considerable skills in Feng Shui stand her in good stead in the Green Movement the city is based upon. In fact, the Green Movement was one of the deciding factors that convinced her to move here with her husband after Denny was born. Harmonious placement and site resolution dovetailed wonderfully well with the Movement’s mission and Feng Shui is the bedrock of her commercial clients’ contracts. Well, that and consultations to attract more money to their businesses.


Helene Chiang was born Feb 18, 1977 in Hong Kong to respectable working class parents. She evinced an early talent in astrology and the Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui, or geomancy. By the time she was twenty, she was already on her way to a fairly successful geomancy career but also when she was twenty, Hong Kong reverted back to the Chinese government. Helene and her parents managed to be one of the last who expatriated to Vancouver in British Columbia. It was there Helen set up shop as a geomancer and Chinese astrologist to support her parents, who were now old and retired. She met her future husband, Philip McCloud when on a day trip to the greater Seattle Washington area in 2007. He was contractor to one of the giant aeronautics companies as a design engineer. Helene and Philip hit it off and got married in less than a year. For their first year of marriage, Helene and Philip shuttled back and forth across the border, staying a week on Canadian or US soil in each other’s respective domiciles, as each wrapped up or continued their employment obligations. There was the matter of US citizenship to arrange and study for and in 2009, Denny was born. In 2014, Helene became a naturalized US Citizen. Once his wife was granted citizenship, Philip felt secure enough to take a position with an aeronautics R&D company in the small city of Alamy Falls, Colorado, and leave the Seattle/Vancouver area. There Philip works as a research engineer and Helene runs a freelance Feng Shui business and does Chinese astrology by appointment. She is an extremely driven individual and runs a tidy home and a tight business.

Like many people from Hong Kong, she’d worked hard to make a comfortable living since an early age. As a result, Helene is anxious to see her only child achieve a successful career with less hardship than she herself suffered. At times it requires her to be more “Tiger Mom” in her approach to parenting Denny, but always her motives are founded in genuine love and concern for her child’s welfare.

Helene Chiang McCloud

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