Jane Stevenson

Playwright; Mother to Alexander Bayard


Lady Jane Stevenson was born as a member of England’s minor nobility. She was a typical minor noble, resting on the laurels of her family for most of her life. However, she did attend Oxford so she was no typical noble.

In her 20s she traveled the globe and at a party in 2003 she met Dr. Henry Bayard, then a up and coming professor at the University of Colorado. The two were immediately attracted to each other despite the differences in their backgrounds. A year later, Lady Jane returned home to tell her family that she was in love and had decided to marry the astronomer. Unfortunately, her family did not take3 well to the news. She was disowned by her family. She shrugged, married Henry and never looked back.

In October of 2007, Lady Jane, as she was affectionately know, gave birth to her and Henry’s only son, Alexander Knox (named for Lady Jane’s grandfather). Then in 2010, Jane’s favorite aunt, Ceclia died and left a fortune to Jane and her family. That money was nice, and a great cushion to fall back on, but Henry and Jane never took it for granted and the accolades they received had nothing to do with that trust.

Once Jane and Henry had settled in Colorado, Jane found that she had a talent for drama and a flair for the dramatic. She quickly became a local poet and director for the artistic community of Colorado. That led to one thing after another and a few of her plays are still playing on Broadway. Today Jane is retired and she and Henry live in a mansion atop one of the taller peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Jane Stevenson

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