Jesus Valasquez - a.k.a. El Volcán

Young man able to generate molten lave around his body (safely)


STR 3, STA 2, AGL 2, DEX 0, FGT 6, INT 0, AWE 1, PRE 2
Powers: Immunity 10 (Common Descriptor: Heat), Lava Form (Activation: Standard Action), Create Rock 8 (Volume: 250 cft., DC 18; Limited: Blobs of Molten Rock only), Environment 4 (Alternate; Heat (Extreme), Radius: 250 feet), Lava Blast 8 (Alternate; DC 23; Cone Area: 60 feet cone; Distracting), Rock Regeneration 16 (Alternate; 1.6 per round; Source: Solid Rock), Immunity 10 (Life Support), Molten Body 12 (12 Toughness; Fades), Molten Touch 8 (DC 23; Reaction 3: reaction).
Advantages: Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Languages 1 (English, Spanish).
Skills: Athletics 2 (5), Expertise: Construction 4 (4), Technology 2 (2), Vehicles 6 (6).
Offense: Init +2, Grab +6 (DC Spec 13), Lava Blast: Cone Area Damage 8 (DC 23), Molten Touch: Damage 8 +6 (DC 23), Throw +0 (DC 18), Unarmed +6 (DC 18).
Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fort 5, Tou 10/14, Will 4.
Totals: Abilities 32 + Powers 67 + Advantages 4 + Skills 7 (14 ranks) + Defenses 10 = 120

Complications: Motivation: Acceptance, Power Loss (in water or extreme cold)


Jesus was one of four sons working in his father’s construction firm, even though he was only 17 years old. One day this last year he felt strange different, and couldn’t explain it. He was working at a job site in San Antonio, when an earthquake (from the Monoliths) caused an explosion in the gas lines he was working in. He was covered in flame, and concrete debris. He was terribly frightened, but surprised to find that he was not harmed, not even warm. He stood up and watched the molten stone move about his hands like second skin. He was able to disperse it before he was found.
Later practicing with his powers, he discovered that he could generate transform pure rock, concrete and other solid earth into magma which naturally flowed over his body. It stayed hot and offered him a measure of protection and control. With great effort he could “erupt” causing his lava to burst out from his body, although this reduces his store of lava.
He skulked around San Antonio by night using his powers for a mixture of good, and revenge against the drug lords and others who hurt his family business. Neither hero nor villain, he was still deciding what to do, when the call came out for Heroes to join the PVF.

Jesus Valasquez - a.k.a. El Volcán

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