Ken Doll

Music student; Bartender at the Trip Fantastic.


At the Trip Fantastic, Tripp keeps his bartenders in shifts of three for each evening, booking up to four on the busy nights and going down to two on the slow nights. Ken Doll (a.k.a Kendrick Mason’s bartending name) shares fellow bartender John Doe’s schedule and serves on the other end of the bar. He’s been working at the bar for a few years now, having finished a master’s and now working on a PhD in Music from the University of Colorado Alamy Falls.

Physical Appearance

Ken is a stoic blond with the most dazzling blue eyes and a killer smile.

Psychological Profile

Ken is charming in a quiet sort of way. He has a tendency to talk a lot, but what he does say tends to be very meaningful, making his nickname of Ken Doll more than a little ironic. His roguish good looks attract him plenty of company, if he wants it.

Ken Doll

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