Liz Porrello

Feisty owner of Carbonella, a Midtown restaurant


Liz “Storm” Porrello is the owner of Carbonella, a restaurant located in the Midtown region of Alamy Falls. Liz is built like an Amazon and just like an Amazon, doesn’t take any guff from anyone. For all positions in her restaurant, she hires women who are down on their luck and looking for a way to turn their life around. She doesn’t discriminate, oftentimes hiring ex-cons and homeless folks. Her one rule is simple: Everyone gets a second chance…but not a third. She expects her employees to do what is asked of them quickly and efficiently. She can be a little brusque, but she’s got a kind heart.

She was also formerly married to Carl Porrello, member of the Porrello Crime Family, but she divorced him in an ugly battle over 8 years. ago She still gets occasional harassment from the family and from Carl in specific.

Liz Porrello

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