Maxwell Roth

The Irresistible Man


Maxwell Roth woke up one day and discovered that anyone who looked at him would be enthralled and unable to resist his requests. After putting the power through its paces, upon hearing the announcement of powers in the U.S., the British born Roth decided that there had to be more powers and that he was just the person to find them. He would collect them, turn them into the world’s first super team and collect the fame and fortune he deserved.

Unfortunately for him, he had collected the team and started getting prepped for an announcement when the Vanguard were unceremoniously outed by some random nobody. So he decided that he would do the next best thing – create the first reality show centered around powers. And he could use the Vanguard’s fame to springboard his show. So after a couple months, he got his Content Not Found: tag-team to the U.S with Juliana Hawksmoor’s help and “attacked” the Vanguard, only to have the Vanguard spoil his plan and his footage, along with scaring off one of his members (Juliana) and co-opting another (the Paradox Machine).

Roth is currently at large, plans unknown.

Maxwell Roth

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