Miriam Linville

Owner of the Cozy Coffee


Miriam Linville is the owner and proprietor of the Cozy Coffee, a coffee shop located in Aspen Park that does most of its business serving the faculty of Singularity College. She lives at the store, in an apartment attached to the back and spends all her free time in the shop itself. She has a habit of dropping by tables randomly and just joining a conversation. She seems to be extremely knowledgeable in a broad range of subjects.

Miriam has no real sense of personal boundaries and no sense of shame when it comes to listening in or joining in on conversations, making her establishment not the one to go to if you want to talk about a secret. However, she also is notable for not being a gossip. It is well known that anything she knows or hears only leaves her mouth for very specific reasons.

Miriam Linville

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