Richard Hershey

Insurance Claims Agent - Fidelity Insurance Alamy Falls CO


Richard “Dick” Hershey is a small, bald(ing) man of slight stature. He wears glasses (afraid of laser surgery) and suits that are a decade or two out of style. He may be provocative and quick with an accusation but recoils in fear when presented with an angry response. He is not a fighter. He believes in the truth, and that the truth is a powerful weapon.


Hershey is a former newspaper reporter, who wrote for the Chicago Times, and the Sacramento Bee, before those papers went exclusively online. He spent more time on his investigative articles than the papers could justify paying him for, and work as a free lance journalist never seemed to pay the bills. Divorced, with three grown kids (two in college), he found work in the insurance business investigating claims was the closest he could manage, being neither photogenic or brave enough for modern journalism.
He has a decent track record of uncovering fraud, but he tends to take too long processing his reports, and often relies on his reporter instincts more than solid evidence, so that he finds himself in trouble with the agency. Still, he has uncovered enough fraud to make him a valuable asset, especially for unusual cases. He suspects (rightly) that the insurance number crunchers only read half of his reports.
He misses the excitement and prestige of journalism, and hopes to break back in. He is however a bit of a relic of the pre-internet age preferring to work on an dusty old laptop and print out paper copies, even photocopying data for his records.

Richard Hershey

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