Shane Barrett

Tag Team member known as Ravager


Shane Barrett was an up-and-coming MMA fighter until he developed powers – his increased strength combined with an ability to quickly regenerate damage could’ve made him the league champion…until the league declared active use of powers during a match to be in violation of rules. Since all of Shane’s powers were constantly active, he found himself outside looking in on the sport he had loved.

This is when Maxwell Roth approached Shane about joining Tag Team and getting paid for using his powers. Shane agreed, with the caveat that he wanted a secret identity, in case the MMA changed their policy and he could go back. Maxwell agreed and suggested something fitting with a reality show – Mexican wrestling. The mask would allow for disguise and it was far enough out there that anyone would be unlikely to connect him with MMA. Shane agreed and titled himself as Ravager, developing an entire in-public persona to fit the name.

Shane Barrett

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