The Vanguard

Alamy Falls' premiere superhero group


The Vanguard consists of the following members:

  • Paragon (Alexander Bayard) – Controls kinetic energy
    Identity: Public
  • Artisan (Denny McCloud) – Can summon and create from artwork.
    Identity: Secret
  • Siren (Deirdre Flanagan) – Sonic powers that can both damage and control.
    Identity: Secret
  • Quotient (Jason Duncan) – Can transform into a hulking beast.
    Identity: Secret
  • Traveler (Cassie Sutton) – Talented martial artist and limited range teleport
    Identity: Secret

Also known to be associated with The Vanguard:

  • Miriam and Tyler Linville – Tyler was the first individual saved by the Vanguard and he now (secretly) serves as their technology expert. Miriam has some sort of connection to the source of powers. Exactly what she can do and what its limits are is unknown.
  • Mark Sutton – Brother of Traveler, it is suspected that he has the ability to become an expert in any physical skill. This has not been tested and he does not serve as a full member.
  • Power Analysis Inc – This company, founded by Jason Duncan, is both a front to allow Jason access places he might not otherwise get, but also serves as a way for the Vanguard to help people who have gained powers but do not how to control them (much like young Preston Dawsey).



The group of heroes known as the Vanguard originally came together from a coincidental event in Miriam Linville’s coffee shop, the Cozy Coffee. They prevented a mob kidnapping of Miriam Linville, which led them to searching for and finding Tyler Linville, who had stolen mob money to make a miniature sun. The mob found them and used Preston Dawsey and hired muscle to try and kill Tyler and the group. Instead, they ended up being defeated by the heroes, who were unknowingly filmed by Richard Card, exposing the existence of the world’s first super team (Issues 1-4).

Shortly thereafter, the group of heroes decided to take on formal identities and a formal team name to control their own destiny. And so, The Vanguard was born.

The Vanguard

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