Waleria Sobczak

Member of the Tag Team known as the Weather Witch


Waleria lived in central Poland, farming the land as her ancestors had done before her for hundreds of years. However, towards her 50s, she was forced out of the family land due to poor weather conditions, including an extremely long patch of drought that nearly bankrupted her. When she was bought out by the multinational firm Derosant, she swore she would get her land back someday.

Enter 2027 and Waleria discovered the cruel irony of God giving her control over the weather two years too late to save her farm. She attempted to return to her farm and drive Derosant off the property by making it unprofitable for them. But during one raid upon the property as she was still learning the depth of her abilities, she was shot by security and charged with criminal trespass. Which is when Maxwell Roth discovered her.

He convinced her by taking part in his team, they would earn more than enough money for her to be able to buy her land back. She eagerly agreed, taking the name Weather Witch.

Waleria Sobczak

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