Alamy Falls

Alamy Falls is a fast growing town of about 900,000 people located in the southeastern part of Colorado. While the town itself has been in existence for about 150 years, it has only started growing within the last 30 as it has become the centerpiece of the neo-green environmental movement thanks to billionaire Jack Davis. Some of the interesting notes about the city:

  • The town is 100% powered by alternative energy sources, including heavy amounts of wind turbines.
  • All buildings are required to have solar panels.
  • The town has strict urban planning rules and is built around the idea of being able to walk or use alternative transportation. For that reason, the town has also become attractive to the “Slow Down” movement. Slowers are focused on living life at a more reasoned pace.
  • The downtown area is completely personal vehicle free. There are city sponsored electric taxis as well as the city’s bus system and monorail.
  • Light pollution is a concern in Alamy Falls. The only streetlights allowed are LED streetlamps with full hoods to minimize the light pollution. Buildings above a certain height are required to have ways of containing evening light and any signs within the city limits designed to be on at night must fit certain light output regulations.
  • To cut down on use of paper, the city funds a full wi-fi setup for the entire city. Also, people under a certain income level are provided mobile devices, as most all venues are electronic ticketed.


  • Old Town
  • Prospect Heights
  • Riverside
  • Rockview
  • Southriver
  • Whispermoor
  • Environs of Alamy Falls

    Alamy Falls

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