About Chinook

The western most region of Alamy Falls that is still considered inside of city limits, Chinook is mostly empty of urban sprawl. Despite that, it is the blood in the veins of the city, keeping it alive. Chinook consists of two main endeavors: agriculture and wind farming.


The southern part of Chinook, closer to the Arkansas river, serves as a hotbed of sustainable agricultural farms, mostly all individually owned rather than industrially farmed. These farms were once enough to provide for the entire city but with the rapid growth of the city, they now only serve part of the overall food solution, making way for urban farms as well as standard shipping of food from nearby areas.

Wind Farms

Most of Chinook’s usable land is taken up with high efficiency wind farms. The corridor that runs north-south through the eastern portion of Colorado is one of the best places for wind farms in the United States. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, most of it developed in Alamy Falls, the wind farms of the Chinook provide over 35% of the working power for the city.


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