Global Frequency

Global Frequency is an organization modeled after the Warren Ellis comic book. In fact, the organization, not being secret (just not well known) pays royalties to Warren Ellis for the use of the name, concept, and logo.

Much like Warren Ellis’s original creation, Global Frequency is made up of a large group of experts and individuals with unique talents, designed to be a crowdsourcing way of solving unusual problems that normal authorities were not equipped to handle, many of which involve secret government projects and the clean up from the ones gone bad (or even the ones gone good).

It is unknown exactly how many people make up the organization, but it is thought to be around 1000 agents, most of whom do not actually know one another. They each have a number and are called via a special mobile device which lets the person know that they are “on the Global Frequency”. Why a person is selected to be on the Global Frequency at the moment can relate to their skill set, knowledge base, or even just the fact that they happen to be the closest person in a time sensitive situation.

In the New Normal, The Vanguard is recruited to Global Frequency by Ginny Beckman, who seems to be a non-agent member of the organization. In Issue 7, they tentatively agree to join.

Global Frequency

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