House Rules

New Combat Maneuvers
Knockback Attack
Similar to the other tradeoff maneuvers like Power Attack or All-Out Attack, Knockback Attack would add to KB rank and subtract from effect rank. Also like them, up to 2 ranks can be traded by any character while an KB Advantage would allow for up to 5 ranks, as long as effect never drops below zero. KB is always assumed to start at zero but must be traded up at least 1 rank to be used, and then modified by target mass or other factors. For the attack itself, KB and the effect would occur simultaneously like linked effects, so they either both hit or both miss.

After being knocked back, a character can as a free action make an Acrobatic Check or Athletic check equal to 10+ the KB affect or be prone. One success makes the character Dazed but upright, Two successes means the character lands on her feet without penalty.

Since the average PC is going to weigh between 100-200lbs, that means most of the time the KB will be at -2 rank. A minimal 1 rank of KB would therefore knock back only -1 rank distance or 15’, while the “maximum” 5 KB would be rank 3 distance or 250’ feet. A critical hit would add +5 to both KB and effect, although the KB should still be limited to the maximum throwing distance of the target’s mass. Optionally, the KB advantage could also allow a PC to spend a hero point to KB for maximum distance.

  • Flying Characters subtract one rank from their weight for the purposes of calculating knock back. * * As Move Action a character can apply up to their rank of movement to “holding still”, however doing so means the character adds those ranks to the rank of the original attack (as though the attacker did not use the Knock back maneuver).

Ex. Brute hits flying Paragon with a punch (rank 11) with -2 for knock back. Paragon must roll his toughness versus the rank 9 attack, AND, he will be knocked back 60’ from the attack (rank 1). The next round Paragon uses a Move Action (Speed rank 8) to hold his ground. Brute hits him again with a Knock back punch. This time Paragon must make a toughness save versus the full rank 11 attack, but he suffers no knock back.

This allows for a more tactical range KB, since even non-powered heroes would rarely got knocked too far to use ranged attacks. Also, using the environment (ie knocking targets back into walls, etc) can becomes more interesting, especially if you include the rule for additional damage based on obstacle Toughness.

New Advantages
Knockback Attackp.
Allows character to do a Knockback Maneuver using up to +5 on Knockback Effect for -5 on Damage Rank instead of the +2/-2.

House Rules

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