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Alamy Falls is the centerpiece city for the campaign and it is designed to (hopefully) be a joint creation between the GM and players.

Alamy Falls

Regions of Alamy Falls

  • Newhope
  • Old Town
  • Prospect Heights
  • Riverside
  • Rockview
  • Southriver
  • Whispermoor
  • Outside Alamy Falls

    Character Homes

    Businesses located in Alamy Falls


    Outside of Alamy Falls

    Issue Guide/Timeline

    Character Created Content

    Wanted Posters


    • Rolly pads – Flexible PDAs/computers/phones that roll out flat and roll back up for transport
    • All-toggle – Bobble with a tiny plastic screen that accesses checking or charge accounts. Can scroll through accounts to preset access to one with screen. No bigger than pencil light.

    Other Powers

    Additional Rules

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