Power Analysis

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Welcome to the New Normal. The emergence of people across the globe with super-human abilities changes everything. And part of that is changing the we think and do business. Power Analysis Incorporated provided consultation on, and to emerging Powers, those exhibiting unusual, super human abilities. Power Analysis offers three main areas of consultation.

  1. Investigation – We investigate cases and instances where Powers appear to have been used. We will rule out, where possible, mundane explanations to determine what if any powers were used. When powers have been demonstrated we will recommend a course of action appropriate to the case. New powers require a new way of understanding.
  2. Consultation – We will evaluate the behavior of known Powers, and consult with law enforcement, private security, or individuals regarding the likely use and limits of said powers. Understanding how powers work, and who has them, is the first step to doing business in the New Normal.
  3. Counseling – Do you believe you have powers or have been affected by them? The shock of the new can be troubling in the most ordinary of times, but the changes present today mean new challenges for personal mental and emotional health. Licensed psychiatrists will examine, counsel and recommend training, or treatment for those possessing or affected by Powers in a non-judgmental, fully confidential environment. You are not alone, there are people who understand, and can help. A sliding scale is available to ensure no one will be turned down for lack of funds.

Power Analysis maintains complete confidentiality and may refuse service in cases where a conflict of interest exists or for other reasons. It is our belief that people are people, whether Powers or Normals. It is our hope that understanding and compassion will best serve us all.

Power Analysis

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