PVF Campus - Pueblo Colorado

The Power Volunteer Force campus is located in the center of Pueblo Colorado. The area is set off from neighborhoods, and surrounded by two empty open spaces as well a four lane streets which have been cordoned off to two lanes (the other two with Baghdad Barricades blocking traffic in one direction).

The campus incorporated the buildings being converted into enlarging the state mental hospital (there is a small one adjacent to the campus). The campus is designed to be self contained, in that the main employees do not need to leave the campus to eat, exercise, educate or entertain themselves. It is not self sufficient (food and water, as well as medical and other supplies need to come in).

Every attempt is made to multitask. So training of the Volunteers is combined with Power Analysis, group dynamics and taught with psychological observation. Study of the Monoliths, is combined with T-Wave radiation analysis. Gene therapy is coupled with investigating the mutations.

The military are kept on the perimeter as much as is possible. Scientific data is stripped of identifying markers, and each Volunteer Power is given a super powered designation. In practice some of these could be rapidly deciphered, but the goal is to provide some future anonymity if people want it.

PVF Campus - Pueblo Colorado

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