Sand Creek

InstituteSand Creek Maximum Security Mental Asylum

The Sand Creek Maximum Security Mental Asylum, formerly the Sand Creek Super Max prison, is built on a desolate mesa overlooking the mostly dry Sand Creek about 40 minutes outside Alamy Falls. It is built near the site of the infamous Sand Creek Massacre.

When the Super Max Prison was built the late 20th century, the private prison business was booming. The site was chosen for its isolation, even were prisoners to escape, it is unlikely they could get far. Its isolation brought distinctive difficulties as well, particularly water and power (neither being available from local grids). The site drilled deep to access the Sand Creek aquifer which ran continuously despite Sand Creek being mostly dry itself, and the hope was that they would be able to take advantage of geothermal sources of energy as well.

The project initially relied on diesel generators while the mining crews (mostly inmates) labored to mine deep into the earth to access the geothermal energy. The site suffered irrecoverable PR damage when inmates used their mining equipment and training to create a series of tunnels that assisted in the escape of dozens of highly dangerous prisoners, with the assistance of prison staff to arrange transport and ease their escape. The prison was shut down and expected to be abandoned.

Later as Alamy Falls grew nearby, some entrepreneurs looked to the site as a possible power plant, but it was determined the site could provide barely enough energy for itself, and the cost of running power lines to Alamy would be excessive.

The site would likely have been returned to nature, had it not been for two factors. First the highly public case in 2015 of the Roemer family massacre, where Cecilia,the daughter of colorado beef magnate Billy Roemer joined the strange native inspired Black Kettle cult, and participated in the massacre of her family, staff, and numerous other people (45) before they were mostly captured or killed. Cecilia and her surviving cult members, including the Cult Leader Marion “Black Kettle” Fournier were moved from one institute to another, in each case causing major problems with the local inmates (recruiting more members). It was eventually decided to bring them to Sand Creek where the executor of the Roemer fortune employed controversial psycho-therapist Erich Von Tripp to rehabilitate the SuperMax to serve as a high security mental institution. The tunnels were filled or blocked, the medical facilities were improved, and skilled practitioners were lured from elite institutions around the world. Von Tripps’ methods have been questioned by many in the mainstream as lacking comprehensive study and experiment. Von Tripp laughs off the criticism quoting Warren Buffet ’"Well, it may be all right in practice, but it will never work in theory." Public officials tended to agree as there were no more problems at the site.

Sand Creek attracted more “troublesome” patients from around the country, and frequently was seen as a place where courts could send their serial killers, and other worst of worst. It’s inmate population has grown to over 200 since its opening.

Sand Creek

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