On March 4th, 2027, an Event occurs. This event is not observed by the population at large. The effects are not immediately observable. But it will have a profound effect on the human race as a whole as people across the world start developing what can only be described as powers – abilities beyond the human norm.

This campaign deals with a group of people living in Alamy Falls, centerpiece of the neo-Green movement. They are each slowly coming to the realization that they have changed and they will begin to discover what the world will think about superhumans…

This is a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition campaign that has some similarities to the Heroes TV series – the normal world suddenly starts developing people with superpowers. This campaign is focused around trying to incorporate the players in world creation as much as possible. GM handles plot and NPCs (for the most part) but the world, and specifically the fictional city of Alamy Falls belongs as much to the players as it does to the GM.

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Welcome to the New Normal

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