Welcome to the New Normal

Episode 6

We gather a team of the Vanguard and PVF to run a Proof of Concept or Operation Shake and Bake.
Marc copies Paragon’s powers and acts as a fulcrum, while the rest of us split up, to treat the device as. Punching bag.
Paragon, light wave, ravager, hospitaller, siren on one side.
Artisan and her giant robot, quotient, firegirl mindy, vickram on the other.
Traveller watches for any sign of trouble from Black Kettle

We begin to break it loose.
The device begins to zap us
Red light bursts out and attacks Quotient and Ravager

Kettle’s crew Shield, Blasto (Rich), Unlucky Clover teleported in using some device.
Battle is drawn. The device attacks randomly, including Kettle’s Klan. Kettle’s Klan appears to be trying to protect the device.

We stop the device.

Green obelisks open. Paradox machine tells us that this is unprecedented.
The greens are builders. We are the Vanguard.

They can build things to help us before they come, but we must use them.
THEY don’t sound so good. PAIN concept

31 hours to terraforming begins

Q asked for intel to be given to Tyler, Tyler passes out. Q goes to help him. He’s in a comatose state apparently processing the information?
Paradox machines go flying out
The boxes make one strange house like contraptions with room for a single person.
Q get’s in, figures out it needs an emotional control.
He climbs down

Artisan gets in. Flies round. Emotes her way to another device.
She destroys the device.
The team each enter a box, and head out to destroy the others.each in the own way.

Eventually all the devices are destroyed.
When they finish the boxes disassemble the boxes and the rebuild the city.

Now we wait for the Swan. Then those who follow.

71 days for those who follow.
73 days – until The Swam image of world in shards.. Yuck
3 months time to prepare after that.
Nov 9th


Malificent Stephen_Scholz

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