Crowd Control

Lester Massey - Mind control villain; working with Black Kettle Fournier


The villain known as Crowd Control was once a small time crook in Kansas named Lester Massey before discovering he had the ability to command people to do what he wanted. Once a small time crook, always small time it seemed at first, as he used his powers to rob convenience stores. Then, according to his wife, he met up with someone who changed his line of thinking. That someone is believed, by the Vanguard, to be Marion “Black Kettle” Fournier. Fournier either through use of powers of his own or via his charismatic nature convinced Massey to join him in whatever Fournier had planned.

Massey left Kansas and went to Alamy Falls, where he ran through a series of tests (either of his own powers or of the Vanguard’s abilities) which caused people to act against their normal natures – one person attempting to commit suicide, two other people giving money away causing a mall riot, and 3 people going on a destructive riot in the Edgewater area. The Vanguard stopped him before he could blow up the top floor of a residential building that he had led over a hundred mind controlled civilians to. (Issue 8)

He is currently in Federal custody.

Crowd Control

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