Jason Flanagan

Middle Flanagan child


5’11, red hair that he wears a bit on the long side, brown eyes


Unlike most kids who go from being the youngest to suddenly being in the middle of an overachiever and a cute tiny girl-child, Jason was lucky enough to be old enough to already have established his own identity by the time Deirdre was born. He is only 14 months younger than Patrick, and the two boys could not have been more different. Where Patrick was the serious, studious one, Jason was the cut-up, the class clown, the jock. Though very intelligent, he preferred to not bother with school all that much and focused on enjoying high school and college to their fullest. He has a wicked sense of humor, an irreverent take on life, and a sharp tongue when his temper—a very explosive red-headed temper—is pricked. Worse than Patrick, he was extremely protective of Deirdre, who is just so damn little he just felt like someone was going to break her in half. He spent two years after college slumming around Denver a bit. He was a bartender in a blue-collar bar in Denver frequented by cops and firemen, and after several months of listening to shop talk he got interested in a career in the fire department. He joined up and has spent the past 15 years there, now working on the arson investigation team.

Jason Flanagan

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