Peter Zane a.k.a Beacon

Man able to emanate incredibly powerful and bright light


STR 1, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 2, INT 3, AWE 3, PRE 3
Powers: Environment 7 ( .5 mile) Bright Light -AP Environment 7 VIsibility -5 (Blinding Light), AP: Blast 7 (Laser)
Advantages: Ranged Combat 6, Defensive Roll +5
Skills: Expertise: Law 8 (
11), Insight 8 (11), Perception 3 (6), Persuasion 6 (9) Technology 2 (3). 
Offense: Init +1, Unarmed +2, Ranged +7. Defense: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fort 2, Tou 2(7), Will 3 


Zane is a lawyer from Houston. He discovered his powers will trapped in his building during a blackout caused by Hurricane Rolf. He was trapped in the darkness for hours as the building was battered and beaten by the hurricane.  He is still afraid of the dark. But during the time of greatest terror he saw a light emitting from his own body. He could ramp it up to a powerful flood light that would illuminate a tremendous area. 
He hid his power from everyone. When other powers were doing good or evil, he did nothing. Then one day he was  watching the devastation. One of the partners in his firm was talking about rounding up all the powers, blaming them for the devastation. He quit the firm drove to Colorado when the call was given. 

Peter Zane a.k.a Beacon

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