Alamy Falls Regional Airport

Alamy Falls Regional Airport (ALM) is located in the northeastern portion of the Newhope region, very close to where Interstate 112 moves through the city. It is not an international airport – all international traffic still routes through Denver.

Airport Statistics

ALM has 2 full terminals with 87 gates between them, serving about 250,000 landings in a year and approximately 15 million passengers. The terminals have multiple restaurants, shops and other destinations to add to a trip comfort level.

The airport also passes all green certifications and is the first world to run completely on renewable energy sources. All crucial airport services are powered by solar power with backup generators that tap into the city’s battery reserves (generated by hydroelectric power and solar farms to the north of the city). All lighting is LED lighting and rental car services provide only electric cars (with an accompanying map for electric charging stations within the city).

Alamy Falls Regional Airport

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