Issue Guide Volume 0

Volume 0 – What Came Before

Issue 0: Origin Stories

September 22, 2024 – Everything Changes (Deidre Flanagan)
Deidre is attacked after a musical performance.

March 04, 2027 – Purpose and Place (Jason Duncan)
Jason experiences something strange at Sand Creek Asylum.

March 15, 2027 – A Thief in the Night (Jason Duncan)
The strangeness continues, but now in his house.

March 15, 2027 – Investigations (Jason Duncan)
The instincts of a stubborn investigator are awakened.

March 20, 2027 – Dragging a Rock (Cassie Sutton)
Brothers are always so damn stubborn…

April 05, 2027 – Monday Morning Grind (Denny McCloud)
Strong coffee, friendly company, and paper kitten.

April 07, 2027 – Showtime (Cassie Sutton)
Cassie meets an odd coworker and experiences some odd physical reactions.

April 10, 2027 – Moonlight Discovery (Denny McCloud)
Art imitates Life in an unexpected turn of events.

April 10, 2027 – A Confidence and a Confession (Denny/Miriam)
Cat’s out of the bag!

April 12, 2027 – Watching the World Go By (Deirdre Flanagan)
Deirdre meets Miriam Linville for the first time.

April 12, 2027 – Up In Flames (Jason Duncan)
Jason loses control…and his house.

April 15, 2027 – Through a Window Worriedly (Cassie Sutton)
Cassie starts to develop powers and begins to wonder if she is going crazy.

April 15, 2027 – Facing the Insanity (Cassie Sutton)
Miriam suggests Cassie go see a psychiatrist…give a lecture.

April 15, 2027 – Case Studies (Jason Duncan)
Dr. Duncan gives a talk, gives thought to his own condition.

April 15, 2027 – I’m not OK, You’re not OK – (Jason Duncan/Cassie Sutton)
Crazy leading the crazy.

April 16, 2027 – Roadblock (Jason Duncan)
Jason’s investigator gets officially taken off the case.

April 16, 2027 – Sneaking into The Gutter (Denny McCloud)
Denny steals some time to touch base with some old friends.

April 22, 2027 – Meeting In The Dark (Deirdre Flanagan)
Who would have thought that a high school chorus rehearsal would net a date?

April 22, 2027 – Taking A Trip Fantastic (Deirdre Flanagan)
Potential sparks of romance fly.

April 23, 2027 – Location, Location, Location (Jason Duncan)
Jason saves his real estate agent from a gang member attack.

May 03, 2027 – Ashes to Ashes (Jason Duncan)
Jason moves into his new home…an abandoned power plant?

Issue Guide Volume 0

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